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TEAMS Charter School is a tuition free, small public charter school for any student who resides in New Hampshire.

With a focus on science, technology, engineering and math, TEAMS emphasizes an integrated, hands-on approach to learning in a personalized small environment that prepares students for post secondary education in both high tech and liberal arts fields.

How is TEAMS different from a traditional high school?

TEAMS Charter School is a very small school where each student has a staff member who monitors personal and academic success and serves as a point of contact for the family.

TEAMS Charter School is competency based and therefore not time based. Students are not limited to working onsite during school hours.

Students enrolled at TEAMS Charter School have the opportunity to earn college credits through VLACS or NHTI.
The TEAMS curriculum is rigorous and provides the foundation for entry and success at UNH and other universities.  

There are three main components to the academic program:

-Students complete some high school course work using VLACS, a virtual learning environment that allows coursework to be completed outside the brick and mortar walls of the school.

-An Analytic Reading and Writing course is offered onsite and designed to increase and improve those skills which are necessary to be competitive in college and post secondary schools.

-The Engineering by Design courses engage students in engineering concepts, social issues and design skills in a variety of engineering fields.  Students should learn the basics of engineering from concept and prototype development to final creation and manufacturing of the solution. Students are presented with projects and problems in environmental, mechanical, electrical and biomedical engineering over the course of two years.

The exposure to these concepts helps to prepare the student to be career or college ready in the STEM fields.
If this is interesting to you please call the director, George Rogers at 603-753-4022 or email at: george.rogers@teamsnh.org.