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2/20/2015 Engineering

Students in the engineering classes have been designing and constructing electrically-powered model aircraft that they will fly around a central tether with a goal of carrying as much cargo as possible. Students spent time researching the various parts of an airplane and learning about factors that make for efficient wing designs. At this point students have constructed their planes and have begun testing their models while also making adjustments to optimize their wing design. Students in the Foundations of Technology class are using the KeyCreator CAD software to design cars and wheels that they will build using the 3D Touch printer and the Roland milling machine. When completed students will race their cars against one another in a “Pine Box Derby” type tournament.


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Human minds are made for stories. Putting their literary minds to work, Analytical Reading and Writing students investigate the plot, character, and arguments in model work and STEM news. As they critically examine the element of craft, they experience the narrative significance of an argument. Students experiment with various writing techniques before they purposefully select a particular form to convey their innovate ideas. With each draft, they unearth new discoveries about their world and themselves. These discoveries are blooming with insights! Students are applying these insights to a variety of real-world, creative, and STEM communication purposes. The human stories of Analytical Reading and Writing illustrate that TEAMS students are learning how to use a powerful combination of images and sound writing to make their readers acknowledge that their innovative ideas matter.


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March 24, 2014 By Ginny Pinard

Along with waiting for spring to truly arrive, students are awaiting a new piece of equipment that will arrive, the 3-Doodler.  In addition to the 3-D printers, the advanced students will be able to use the pen to create 3-D models to augment their PLATO courses.  Low tech and high tech worlds collide at TEAMS.  Pictures to follow. 

 The students have been following the situation in the Ukraine and studying history in reverse.  Timelines and drawing parallel behaviors have become the norm in their analyses of current events. 

 Several students are investigating future intern opportunities.


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We are wrapping up the first month of the school year and students are off and running! Students in the Foundations of Technology class have been learning how to create 2D drawings with the KeyCreator CAD software. October will see them expand into creating 3D objects and beginning to learn how to set up and operate the 3D printers. The Technological Design class has been learning the basics of digital electronics. Students are  learning to create circuits and write PBasic programs to control the circuits using the Basic Stamp microcontroller. Among the projects students are working on is a design of a working traffic signal model that  uses pushbuttons to replicate the in ground sensors that control the traffic signals.

Students in the Advanced Design class are working on a house design project. Students have been learning about the different systems that make up a residential home and are designing houses, tailoring their design to a specific site and the requirements of the “client”. They are currently constructing scale models of the house site and will eventually build a larger scale model of the house that includes details of the house’s framing.  

Students in the Technological design class are working with the Basic Stamp microcontrollers. They have been learning how to write programs to operate different electronic components and circuits. They will eventually be using what they have learned to create a program that will control a working model of a moveable bridge that they will construct.

Students in the Foundations of Technology class have been designing and constructing a tower type crane out of ¼ inch square strips of wood. We will be evaluating each student’s design, by testing how much weight the crane can hold before failing.  

 By Chris Brown


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BY Ginny Pinard

Data analysis using graphic representation and world geography have replaced spread sheets and charts this month.  Each student must analyze a particular graphic representation of economic, political, or health related issue and explain what can be inferred from the data on the specific map selected.

In addition, the legislative agenda at the State of New Hampshire is often used for research, discussion, and composition.  Research requires that the researcher understands the source of the information and can analyze accordingly.  Learning how to identify the validity of what is found on-line remains a primary focus of all research.  


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We are nearing the end of the Fall semester here at TEAMS and students are wrapping up projects they have been busy with. Students in the Foundations of Technology class have been designing race cars using the KeyCreator CAD software and building the cars and wheels using the 3D Touch printer and Roland milling machine. We will be holding a derby to see who created the fastest design.
Students in the Technological Design class have recently completed the design and construction of a functioning model of a swing type moveable bridge complete with working traffic signals. Students designed and constructed the traffic signal circuits, the bridge's truss system, and the mechanical system that allows the bridge to move. The operation of the bridge and signals is controlled using a microcontroller and program created by the students. ~ by Chris Brown

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