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posted Apr 20, 2014, 8:12 AM by Google Support   [ updated Oct 17, 2014, 8:15 AM by Unknown user ]

We are wrapping up the first month of the school year and students are off and running! Students in the Foundations of Technology class have been learning how to create 2D drawings with the KeyCreator CAD software. October will see them expand into creating 3D objects and beginning to learn how to set up and operate the 3D printers. The Technological Design class has been learning the basics of digital electronics. Students are  learning to create circuits and write PBasic programs to control the circuits using the Basic Stamp microcontroller. Among the projects students are working on is a design of a working traffic signal model that  uses pushbuttons to replicate the in ground sensors that control the traffic signals.

Students in the Advanced Design class are working on a house design project. Students have been learning about the different systems that make up a residential home and are designing houses, tailoring their design to a specific site and the requirements of the “client”. They are currently constructing scale models of the house site and will eventually build a larger scale model of the house that includes details of the house’s framing.  

Students in the Technological design class are working with the Basic Stamp microcontrollers. They have been learning how to write programs to operate different electronic components and circuits. They will eventually be using what they have learned to create a program that will control a working model of a moveable bridge that they will construct.

Students in the Foundations of Technology class have been designing and constructing a tower type crane out of ¼ inch square strips of wood. We will be evaluating each student’s design, by testing how much weight the crane can hold before failing.  

 By Chris Brown