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Teacher Updates


TEAMS Charter School has adopted a new on-line program of study, one which attempts to balance the interactivity of student and teacher with the rigor of a set curriculum designed around state standards.  Parent portals are a vehicle by which parents or guardians are notified via e-mail on how his/her particular student is faring through a visual graphing of percents earned per assignment as well as a quick look to address pacing for success.  For cost effectiveness, Rosetta Stone contracts are not being renewed and world language credits will be earned through VLACS. -Virginia Pinard


    We have already jumped into this year's program with small-group sessions on     topics such as note taking and study methods.  Much of our work will be done with     the students in one-on-one work through their English essay reading and writing.  As   we progress, more small-group sessions will be tailored to address specific issues     in analysis that arise from the students' essay writing.  We are focusing on     practical application of skills to prepare each student for progress in both their technical reading and writing. -Scott Palmer


The math classes at TEAMS are all off to a good start this year.  We have students enrolled in Algebra 1, Geometry and Algebra 2.  The new program we are using, Edgenuity, has teacher videos to present the material to the students.  This seems to be a much more effective learning tool for all of the students.  Some students had finished part of a math class in PLATO last year, so new courses had to be created in Edgenuity for them.  Edgenuity allows instructors to cater classes to individuals which is an excellent feature.  With this feature, I could remove topics that the student had already completed last year while keeping the rest of the Algebra class intact for the student to finish.  Courses can be customized for individual students or groups of students which is a helpful and very useful feature of Edgenuity. We are looking forward to a productive and great year in math! -Julie Santis