Lego City Challenge

Experience the fun and excitement of a Lego City as 
you design, build and program LEGO Mindstorms robots to experience travel and adventure.   Lego Robots will lead the charge as they try and catch  villains at the Police station, help people at the ambulance service, take off at the airport, and ride the Lego Train.  Teams will end the week in a final, friendly challenge. Some teams will use LEGO RCX programming and others will be using NXT programming. Teams are encouraged to bring their own Ipads and video cameras to make their own “LEGO Movie.” We will provide some Ipads for each team to make a LEGO movie and burn a DVD of the week.

Typical Day

9:00 AM—Introductions and Development of student teams. Creation of Team names. Team building activities. 

15 min. break 

10:30 AM—LEGO Mini challenges to prepare for Large table. Robot design and planning

12:00—Noon Lunch 

12:45—Begin table challenges and level 

1 & 2 programming 

2:45—Clean up 

Final Day Competitions 

Parents and Friends invited to a two hour  competition with awards and prizes.

Itinerary for Week


9-10:30 Introductions and Development of student teams. Teams choose Team Names. Engage in team  building activities. 15 min. break 

10:30 LEGO Mini challenges to prepare for Large table. Robot design and planning. 

12 noon Lunch 

12:45-2:45 Begin table challenges and level 1 & 2 programming. 

2:45 Clean up

9-10:30 Robot building for Citi Challenge Programming ideas for table. 

15 min. break 

10:30 Continue robot building and programming ideas. Build Challenge Table 

12 noon Lunch 

12:45-2:45 Programming for table challenges and Advanced programming - NXT 

2:45 clean up 


9-10:30 Table building for City Challenge. Work on robots. 

15 min. break 

10:30 Advanced table challenges/NXT work 

12 noon Lunch 

12:45-2:45 City trivia and multimedia discussion 

2:45 Clean up 


9-9:15 Assignments 

9:15-10:30 Work on robots. 15 min. break 

10:30 Check challenges and programs/work on movies 

12 noon Lunch 

12:45-1:45 Robot and team work 

2:00-3:00 Robot Work 


9-9:30 Assignments for Competition 

9:30-11:30 City Challenge Table (programming & robot check 

11:30-12:15 Lunch 

12:15 City Challenge—Table is Frozen! Students finalize robots for competition 

12:30 Competition Begins. 

2:00 Awards/tear down robots and table


Introduction to Engineering Using Robotics

July 14-18, 2014

Open to Ages 11-14

Brewster & Michelle Bartlett

Telephone:  603.753.4022

This will be held at the Teams Charter School
26 Washington Street ~ Penacook, NH  03303 Phone: (603) 753-4022 / Fax: (603) 753-6429