Message to Parents

We hope that this booklet provides students and parents with information which will be helpful to you as you work with your child and the school to insure your child receives the maximum benefit from our school. We welcome your comments and concerns at any time regarding the School’s educational program, and we look forward to working with you.

The TEAMS Charter School’s (TEAMS/CS) Handbook does not address all situations and circumstances which may affect students. It is intended to be a specific articulation of the range of expectations as stated in the school’s Mission Statement and Objectives. As such, it informs both parents and students of the specific policies and practices which have been developed from these expectations. Parents and students are asked to read this handbook carefully prior to signing and returning the acknowledgment form.

Board of Trustees Policies
may also be in affect or may be adopted mid-year that modifies this document. All School Board approved policies can be found on
As additional situations and circumstances arise, this handbook will be amended as necessary. Make sure to check the revision and date on the front cover to ensure that you have the latest edition of this handbook.

George Rogers
Director, TEAMS Charter School

To open a printable version of the handbook, click here.  The handbook is also viewable below.

Teams Parent & Student Handbook 14-15